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Las crónicas del poder intelectual:
Historias de salud mental

Thank you for attending!

Kirkland Performance Center

The Brainpower Chronicles: Historias de salud mental

noviembre 2022

7:00 - 9:00 p. m.

Centro de rendimiento de Kirkland

La narración ha sido una parte integral de la historia de la humanidad desde antes de la palabra escrita.

La narración ha sido una parte integral de la historia de la humanidad desde antes de la palabra escrita. Desde podcasts hasta charlas TED, la narración ha adquirido nuevas formas a medida que avanza la tecnología, pero su presencia es constante. Es parte de la naturaleza humana compartir nuestras historias de alegría, dolor, éxito y pérdida entre nosotros. Estas experiencias compartidas, el acto de compartir esas experiencias, nos conecta profundamente con otros en el mundo.

NAMI Washington lanzó The Brainpower Chronicles: Mental Health Stories para unir a las personas en sus experiencias de enfermedad mental y recuperación. Las crisis de salud mental pueden ser algunos de los eventos de salud más aislados que uno puede experimentar en esta vida, con un efecto dominó que afecta a familias enteras. Brainpower Chronicles es nuestra forma de crear comunidad y acabar con el estigma que mantiene a la gente en silencio, mientras recaudamos fondos para la misión fundamental de NAMI Washington de mejorar la calidad de vida de todas las personas afectadas por enfermedades mentales.

La actuación de 2022 se llevará a cabo EN VIVO en el Kirkland Performance Center para 250 personas, y también se transmitirá EN VIVO. El teatro tiene capacidad para más de 400 personas, solo vendemos 250 entradas para la presentación EN VIVO para que podamos garantizar el entorno más seguro para nuestros invitados. Si desea comprar un boleto para asistir en persona, por favor sepa lo siguiente:

    1. Prueba de vacunación requerida en la puerta la noche de la función

    2. Se deben usar máscaras faciales durante toda la presentación

    3. Los asientos serán conducidos, por grupo, para que usted y sus invitados puedan permanecer juntos, pero también

    estar socialmente distanciado de los demás.

Recuerda, también estamos TRANSMITIENDO EN VIVO la presentación, el costo de la entrada es el mismo.

Fuerza. Esperar. Vulnerabilidad. Porque la recuperación es real y vamos a hablar de ella en los términos más reales. Te reirás, llorarás... ¡y dejarás The Brainpower Chronicles sabiendo que NO ESTÁS SOLO!

The 2023 performance is being held LIVE at the Kirkland Performance Center for 400 people. Face masks are strongly encouraged.

Strength. Hope. Vulnerability. Because recovery is real, and we're going to talk about it in the realest terms.

You'll laugh, you'll cry...and you'll leave The Brainpower Chronicles knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

¡Conoce a nuestros miembros del elenco de BPC, pasados y futuros!

Meredith Dodd

Rev. Meredith Dodd serves as the lead pastor of Lake Washington United Methodist Church in Kirkland, Washington.  She leads a weekly online Connections peer support group with NAMI Seattle. Her family includes a husband, three teenagers, and four guinea pigs. In her spare time, she likes hiking, doing puzzles, watching British comedies, and searching for the perfect cup of hot chocolate.

Scotty Sossner.jpg
Scotty Sossner

Scotty Sossner has been a NAMI volunteer since 2013. He is a NAMI certified Connection Support Facilitator, A peer to Peer Class Leader, State Trainer for both Connection, and Peer To Peer. He facilitates, teaches and trains for NAMI all over the country. Scotty is the NAMI Pierce County 2021 Volunteer of the Year and was inducted into the National NAMI Hall of Fame in 2017. Scotty's interests include reading, music and athletics. He plays softball and participates in the Track and Field Senior Olympic Games. He is the 2022 -2023 Illinois 6 County 100, 200, and 400 meter Dash Sprint Champion, and the 2023 Illinois Quad Cities 50, 100, 200, and 400 meter Dash Sprint Champion.

Michael Robertson.jpg
Michael Robertson

Michael Robertson is a certified peer counselor and in long term recovery. Michael is a staunch advocate for policy change regarding behavioral health policy. He works in the field of peer support within MOUD treatment and continues to expand his reach and give information that fosters awareness to those suffering from the morbidity of substance use disorder. As a person with past felony convictions Michael is living proof and hope for persons living in peril and aguish. Michael is recognized for his work on SB 1477, volunteering for several nonprofit groups in the music industry that promote a message of wellness and inner healing and recovery.  

The Orchestra System.png
The Orchestra System

The members of T.O.S. are very humbled and honored to be able to share part of their world with Nami and The Brainpower Chronicles.  Through radical honesty and hyper-transparency they have been able to bring awareness and understanding to a condition that is often misunderstood.  T.O.S. received a B.M. in Music Education from Hope College in 2003 and worked for over a decade in student housing.  Their insight and Six different viewpoints at all times can bring laughter, tears, and internal dialog discussion to any Nami group.

Nicole Edens.jpeg
Nicole Edens

Nicole lives in Shoreline with her husband, Matt and two children, Harlow and Easten. She just received her certification in Peer Counseling and is a mentor for family members of those that live with schizophrenia for the Curesz foundation. Nicole is an artist and loves to paint any time she gets a chance. 

Julie Smith

Julie Smith is a Seattle transplant from Spokane, WA. She is the Owner and Creative Director for Meraki Poductions, a professional storyteller, speaker, writer, artist, and mother of two adult children. Julie received her BA in Business Administration and Management from Western Govenor's University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Leadership & Management from WGU. Julie is a trained NAMI Ending the Silence presenter and the current Chair for the Everett Salary Commission and a board member for the Snohomish County Board of Health. In her spare time Julie enjoys cooking, entertaining, and spending time with her family and friends. She currently resides in Everett, WA. 

Paul Currington.jpg
Performance MC:
Paul Currington

Paul hosts and produces Fresh Ground Stories, Seattle’s longest-running storytelling open mic. He spent 13 years as a standup comedian telling jokes around the country and now happily stays close to home telling stories and helping others learn how to tell their own. Everyone now and then you might hear him on NPR. He loves introducing people to the art of personal storytelling and how it can change lives.

He shared his personal story at the first Brainpower Chronicles and was a speaker coach at the second.

Susan Fee
Performance Director:

Susan Fee is a mental health counselor and storytelling coach. She has directed The Brainpower Chronicles since 2018.  Susan is actively involved in the Seattle storytelling community sharing stories of her own on The Moth Radio Hour, Ignite Seattle, and WWU TEDx. Learn more at

¡Conozca a los patrocinadores de BrainPower Chronicles!

Director de escena

Whitney Phillips


Dean & Karen Kisler 


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