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Virtual Team Meeting

Support Groups

Browse the support groups
in our state that are meeting online, over Zoom!

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State Trainings

Our annual trainings will teach you to to become a NAMI leader as a facilitator or presenter! 

Mobile Phone

What is 988?

Will the police show up at my door if I dial 988? What is 988 for, how can it help me?

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Got Feelings?

So do children! Help them explore their feelings and emotions with this coloring book!

Mental Health Without Conditions

Do you feel “NAMI Pride?” Driven by the reality that LGBTQ+ people are impacted unequally by mental illness and a lack of mental health resources, we are inspired to bring light to this important topic. To us, mental health without conditions is more than a catchy slogan: It is a step toward mental health for all. It is a commitment to work together. NAMI Pride is not just this month, but every month. It is this year, this decade and this lifetime. If you’re not already participating, we invite  you to join our movement.

Where we stand:

Mental Health Inequities: LGBTQI Bigotry And Discrimination

NAMI believes that all people should be treated with respect and dignity and experience equitable outcomes. NAMI supports public policies and laws that work to eliminate mental health inequities perpetuated by bigotry and discrimination against LGBTQI populations.

Limits On Gender-Affirming Care

NAMI believes that no one should be subject to practices that can cause or worsen mental health symptoms. NAMI opposes public policies and laws that ban, limit or criminalize access to clinically appropriate gender-affirming care.

Conversion Therapy

NAMI believes that no one should be subject to practices that can cause or worsen mental health symptoms. NAMI supports public policies and laws to ban the discredited, discriminatory, and harmful practice of conversion therapy.

What We Do

NAMI, The National Alliance On Mental Illness -Washington State Provides Governance, Advocacy And Fundraising Support For The 19 NAMI Affiliate Offices, Large And Small, Throughout The State.

-- Empowering all who have been affected by mental illness --

Help Support Us

NAMI Washington is a vital resource for

every NAMI affiliate and member in

the state of Washington.

We advocate for access to services, treatment, support and research and we are steadfast in

our commitment to raise awareness and build

a community of hope for all of those

affected by mental illness throughout

the state of Washington.

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