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Meet Little Monster

"Meet Little Monster" is a brand new coloring book from NAMI Washington designed to facilitate the conversation about mental and emotional health with children and their parents and caretakers.

The coloring book is 100% Free! Please note, it is not for resale.



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(print these on 11"x17" paper)

(print these on 8.5"x11" paper)

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Meet Little Monster's Origin Story

The Meet Little Monster Coloring and Activity Book was developed by NAMI Washington as a tool for young people to express and explore their feelings in a fun, creative, and empowering way and to foster dialogue between children and the safe adults in their lives. This project began in the summer of 2020 as a response to both the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests for racial justice after the murder of George Floyd. NAMI Washington recognized that young children - suddenly cut off from their friends, teachers, coaches, club leaders, and school counselors - were experiencing big and powerful feelings without the community support and reassurance that they had access to before quarantine. After some brainstorming, NAMI Washington reached out to Honor Heindl, a licensed clinical social worker by day and passionate illustrator by night, to help bring Little Monster to life. After several months of collaboration, Meet Little Monster made their debut for Children's Mental Health Awareness Day in 2021. 


Meet Little Monster was written and designed by Sophia Nicholson Keener and illustrated by Honor Heindl.

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