NAMI Compartiendo Esperanza: Mental Wellness in the Latinx Community

What Is Compartiendo Esperanza?

Lack of information surrounding mental health issues can prevent people in Hispanic/Latinx communities from getting the help and support they need.

Compartiendo Esperanza is a three-part video series that explores the journey of mental wellness in Hispanic/Latinx communities through dialogue, storytelling and a guided discussion on the following topics:

  • Youth and Mental Wellness: “Sanando Juntos”/“Healing Together”

  • Community Leaders and Mental Wellness: “Las Raíces de Nuestra Sanación”/“The Roots of Our Healing”

  • Latinx Families and Mental Wellness: “La Mesa”/“The Table”


Youth And Mental Wellness: “Sanando Juntos”/“Healing Together”

Supporting each other as family members. Watch a father and daughter discuss the importance of reaching out during hard times. This video is 10 minutes.


Community Leaders And Mental Wellness: “Las Raíces De Nuestra Sanación”/“The Roots Of Our Healing”

Before we can heal, we need to acknowledge that who we are is part of healing. This video is 10minutes.


Latinx Families And Mental Wellness: “La Mesa”/“The Table”

Two parents and their children have a conversation about healing and being open with each other. This video is 14 minutes.