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Saturday, June 1st, 8am-12pm!

Looking for a fun, outdoor volunteer opportunity highlighting mental health in our community? Join us this June!

NAMIWalks Washington is currently registering volunteers for the 19th Annual NAMIWalks at Marina Park, Kirkland, on Saturday June 1, 2024. 


There are a wide variety of different volunteer positions available - from setting up signs, working the registration booth, directing traffic flow into the parking lot, cheering on walkers along the route, distributing t-shirts or donated food, and much more! Read on for specific information about the shift times and job descriptions available on the various Volunteer Teams, and then register to volunteer at

  • Want to participate in the Walk yourself,  but interested in volunteering as well? Look for the volunteer shifts marked with an (*) as these positions can be done before and after walking!  

  • Fill out the google form with your contact info,  preferences/availability , and you’ll be contacted with a confirmation of a specific volunteer role(s). 

  • Volunteers must be 16 years or older (or 12 years and older if accompanied by an adult) 




Questions? Contact 

More Information about the NAMIWalks WA:



The “All-Star” super volunteer is someone who wants to support NAMI for the whole event, and is happy to take on multiple jobs during the walk (with breaks of course).  These are physical positions and will require walking, being on your feet for extended periods of time, light to medium lifting, interaction with the public, and not being afraid to get your hands a little dirty!

  • ALL-STAR VOLUNTEERS: 6am - 1pm  

Be there from the start to the finish, and make a huge difference in the overall success of the event! We’ll assign you various shifts throughout the day, so you can meet lots of people and take part in different activities. 


  • (*) RUNNER/OVERALL EVENT ASSISTANT #1: 6:00am-9:30am 

The ideal volunteer for this job will be quick on their feet, comfortable with not having a pre-defined position, and happy to assist the Event Coordinators with random tasks as needed for the first half of event. (This position is able to volunteer and still participate in the walk themselves)


The ideal volunteer for this job will be comfortable directing cars arriving into the Marina Park parking lot and giving instructions regarding parking.  You should have the ability to lift traffic cones and folding road signs, plus stand for several hours. Volunteers in this position will be provided with a traffic vest.  These are active roles and require mobility and lots of public interaction. 

  • TRAFFIC CONTROL: 6:00am-11:30am (4 volunteers)                                                                                                          Setting up traffic cones, road closures, and directing cars into correct parking

  • PARKING LOT GREETER: 7-10am: (3 volunteers)                                                                                                            Standing in parking lot and directing cars into correct parking (vendors, volunteers, sponsors, speakers, staff, etc)


The ideal volunteer for this job is fun, festive, ok with crowds, and not afraid to be highly visible and very vocal.  Come cheer on these awesome walkers! 

  • START/FINISH LINE TEAM: (10 volunteers) 7:00am - 12:00pm - Set up and direct crowd control, assist with flow of walkers through START Line, hand out water and snacks at the finish line, cheer walkers on and keep the energy high, or work the kids interactive bubble station

  • (*)  LAST WALKER:  (1 volunteer) 8:30am-11am - Be on walkie talkie with event planners to monitor waves of walkers at start line, and then be the designated “FINAL WALKER” to walk the whole 5k route and signal to each station along the way that the walk is complete.  (this position is able to volunteer while participating in the walk themselves)


The ideal volunteer for this job loves to cheer other people on and maybe even enjoys a little bit of costuming!   Drivers and route set-up also needed. (All volunteers on the route must wear safety vests, which will be provided, and be 16 years or older. This position is a requirement for the city of Kirkland, so it is a very important and necessary position!)

  • ROUTE SET-UP/Monitor:  6am-noon or 7-11:30am  (8 volunteers)                                                                                              Set-up course markings, quiz signs, water stations. Cheer on walkers and monitor intersection crossings for safety of walkers.

  • ROUTE MONITORS:  8-11am: (15 volunteers)                                                                                           Cheer on walkers and monitor intersection crossings for safety of walkers. We encourage you to wear tutus, funny wigs, boas, or other silly costume items that will help you stand out in a crowd. Must be 16yrs +. 

  • ROUTE DRIVERS:  7:30am-11:30am: (2 volunteers)                                                                                                                  Drive to end of route to drop off and pick-up cheerleaders and route supplies.  (must have drivers license and vehicle that seats 6 or more)

  • ROUTE WATER STATION: (7:30 AM - 11:00 AM) hype the crowd bring a bluetooth speaker and have fun


  • CROWD CONTROL MONITORS: (7:30am-11:30am)


The ideal volunteer for this job prefers a more “behind the scenes” with less interaction with the public,  and will be happy with a bit of physical activity including bending, lifting, standing, and carrying event supplies.  This group of volunteers will manage the physical environment of the park.  Tasks will include setting up and distributing event supplies, hanging signage, and managing trash/recycling. 

  • VENUE SET-UP & TAKE DOWN (*) 6-8am & 11am-1pm  (6 volunteers)                                                                                    This is perfect for the volunteer who wants to help out before & after Walking! Unloading of event supplies, set-up of tables, signage and materials / clean-up and repacking event materials at end of walk.  Place event signs in Marina Park and nearby Kirkland parking lots and taking down of signage at end of day.   (Can also be combined with other volunteer duties  if you are not walking and want to volunteer for the whole event)

  • Venue Team - Trash/Recycling & Room Maintenance (10am-1pm)

  • Venue Team - Clean Up Crew (12pm-1pm)


​The ideal volunteer for this job will enjoy talking to lots of people, have good attention to detail, and  be comfortable managing registration paperwork and payments or handing out t-shirts.  Seated and active positions available. 

**If you would like to sit and volunteer, please sign up to be a walk monitor and request a chair!**

  • (*) 6am-9am: (3 volunteers)                                                                                                                                                        Set up sponsor booth tables/chairs and assist with checking in Sponsors and taking them to their assigned table areas in the park  (some lifting required)

  • 6:30am-10am: (3 volunteers)  –  Set up registration tables and check-in walkers

  • 7:00am-10am: (5 volunteers)  – Check-in & register walkers, collect paperwork/donations (seated)

  • 7:00am-10am: (5 volunteers)  – Check-in Greeters  (standing)

  • 6:30am-10am: (4 volunteers)  – Set up & distribute t-shirts

  • (*) 8:00am-9:30am: (8 volunteers)  – Distribute t shirts 


Where are our early birds at?  These essential volunteers arrive before other volunteers, to get them checked-in, oriented, and direct them to their team leads.  Come enjoy the crisp air right on the lakeshore as you hang out on the volunteer tent.  Hand out volunteer t-shirts, collect paper work, and greet your fellow volunteers.  You can even volunteer before you walk if you do the first shift! 

  • (*) VOLUNTEER CHECK-IN (1st shift):   5:30 - 9am  (3 volunteers)                                  

  • VOLUNTEER CHECK-IN (2nd shift):  6:30am - 12:30pm  (3 volunteers)   



  • FIRST AID TENT (1-2 volunteers needed): 8:30 am – 12:00 pm                                                                                                   The ideal volunteer for this job is CPR certified, and an RN, PA, Dr. or an EMT.  They will be based at the first aid tent and will support walkers with any minor scrapes or bruises, blisters, etc and will be ready to assist with onsite treatment in the event of an emergency, while waiting for 911 to arrive. 

  • PHOTGRAPHER (1 volunteer needed): 7:00am - 11am

  • PHONE VIDEOGRAPHER (1 volunteer needed): 8:00 am - noon. Take phone videos of speakers, route, venue, start/finish line crowds, and Walker teams, etc. 

(*)  Volunteer positions marked with an asterisk can be done before and/or after participating in the walk! 

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