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Articles about Mental Health

Violence is not a product of mental illness

Lauren Simonds, MSW with Kiro Radio

Why therapists ARE talking about Bruno -- and all the other 'Encanto' characters

Catherine E. Shoichet - CNN

Record number of defendants with mental illness 'decompensating' in Washington jails

Susannah Frame - King 5

Stop conflating mass shootings with mental illness

Lauren Simonds, MSW for the Seattle Times

How an old federal rule limits inpatient mental health beds in Washington

Hannah Furfaro - Seattle Times

Pandemic took a toll on teen mental health, US study says

MIKE STOBBE (AP Medical Writer)

Teen created guide to multicultural mental health care.

Jenn Smith - Seattle Times

Mental health specialists responded to nonviolent crimes in Denver. Crime fell.

Meghan Holohan -

4 tips for talking to your Latinx parents about mental health


Eliminating barriers to mental health care for BIPOC in South King County

Esmy Jimenez - Seattle Times

Mental Health Care and Healing After Trauma

Did you know The Seattle Times has a section dedicated
to Mental Health?

A Mother’s Vow Of Mental Health Advocacy For Her Daughter
Shanee Frazier: The Journey To Bring Faith & Mental Health Into Harmony
PTSD: A Silent Struggle For First Responders & Veterans
Bipolar Disorder Is My Superpower
Rachna Iyer Palm: Empowering Her South Asian Community
Struggling at Sea: Finding My Mental Health Compass
Diana Chao & An Phan – Generational Mental Health Stigma
Mental Illness in the Justice System
Living With BPD: After Years of Misdiagnosis
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