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Mental Health in the Media

Mentally Ill, Waiting in Jail: Jails Overwhelmed

Susannah Frame - King 5

Violence is not a product of mental illness

Lauren Simonds, MSW with Kiro Radio

Stop conflating mass shootings with mental illness

Lauren Simonds, MSW for the Seattle Times

Teen created guide to multicultural mental health care.

Jenn Smith - Seattle Times

Record number of defendants with mental illness 'decompensating' in Washington jails

Susannah Frame - King 5

Pandemic took a toll on teen mental health, US study says

MIKE STOBBE (AP Medical Writer)

How an old federal rule limits inpatient mental health beds in Washington

Hannah Furfaro - Seattle Times

4 tips for talking to your Latinx parents about mental health


Mental health specialists responded to nonviolent crimes in Denver. Crime fell.

Meghan Holohan -

Why therapists ARE talking about Bruno -- and all the other 'Encanto' characters

Catherine E. Shoichet - CNN

Mental Health Care and Healing After Trauma

NAMI Podcast: You Are Not Alone: Voices of Recovery

Based on the USA Today national bestseller “You Are Not Alone: The NAMI Guide to Navigating Mental Health,” by NAMI Chief Medical Officer Ken Duckworth, M.D., this series draws from among more than 100 interviews conducted by Dr. Duckworth for the book, showcasing real people sharing authentic stories of their mental health journeys.

Voices of Recovery, Episode 1: Healing Family Trauma & Changing
Voices of Recovery, Episode 2: Recovery, Music & Dogs
Voices of Recovery, Episode 3: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Finding Hope
Voices of Recovery, Episode 2: Recovery, Music & Dogs

Did you know The Seattle Times has a section dedicated
to Mental Health?

Living Life with Schizophrenia
Diana Chao & An Phan – Generational Mental Health Stigma
PTSD: A Silent Struggle For First Responders & Veterans
A Mother’s Vow Of Mental Health Advocacy For Her Daughter
Rachna Iyer Palm: Empowering Her South Asian Community
Struggling at Sea: Finding My Mental Health Compass
Bipolar Disorder Is My Superpower
Mental Illness in the Justice System
Living With BPD: After Years of Misdiagnosis
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