Articles about Mental Health

Teen created guide to multicultural mental health care.

Jenn Smith - Seattle Times

Mapping mental health: Washington’s capacity for care

Emily M. Eng, Hannah Furfaro and Esmy Jimenez - Seattle Times

Why is it so hard to find a therapist? These barriers stop Washingtonians from getting help

Hannah Furfaro - Seattle Times

Eliminating barriers to mental health care for BIPOC in South King County

Esmy Jimenez - Seattle Times

How Washington’s approach to mental health has changed

Esmy Jimenez - Seattle Times

Anosognosia: Why it is hard for those with mental illness to recognize symptoms

Esmy Jimenez - Seattle Times

Having trouble finding a therapist in the Seattle area? Here are some tips

Michelle Baruchman - Seattle Times

Guide: Tips for when you can’t find a therapist

Michelle Baruchman - Seattle Times

Finding mental health care shouldn’t be this difficult

Naomi Ishisaka - Seattle Times

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