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Washington Support Groups

What NAMI Support Groups are meeting in Washington?

About Our Online Support Groups 

Information on classes and support groups explained can be found on the website (link below)

Our online support group meetings are hosted on a Zoom platform and are HIPAA compliant.  Information given for registration for support groups is only seen by NAMI staff, no personal details or emails are used for solicitations. Please use the links and pre-register for groups, space is limited in some groups so please find the group that meets your need, even if it is not your local affiliate. 


All participants must meet the following criteria of the Zoom Meeting they are attending :  

  • You must be 18+ years old to participate in all of our groups

  • Observers are not allowed in any NAMI Online Programs


Most support groups follow either the NAMI Connection Support Group model which is exclusively for those who identify with having a mental health condition, or the NAMI Family Support Group model which is for those who identify as having a family member, friend, loved one or someone they are the caretaker for having a mental health condition. Our affiliates may offer a few additional support groups for various life experiences. You can find all support groups statewide below.

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