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NAMI WA Personal Stories

Victoria Harris, MD, MPH

The video above is Dr. Harris's storytelling performance that was a part of our 2021 Brainpower Chronicles Performance. 

  • Neuroplasticity: How I Survived Psychosis and Jail

  • Neuroplasticity II: Recovery After Jail

  • Neuroplasticity III: Trusting Myself after Psychosis & Jail

little monster.jpeg
Meet Little Monster by Sophia
Nicholson-Keener and Honor Heindl

When my colleague shared the Spanish version of NAMI’s “Meet Little Monster” coloring and activity book with me, I immediately thought of the two families I had been working with as a parenting educator. One of the families I worked with had an 11-year-old girl who was very shy; she kept her head lowered all the times, made no visual contact and was afraid to start in middle school. I hoped the book could be a resource

for her....

Eleanor Owen, NAMI Founder

NAMI Washington Mourns the Passing of its founding member and spitfire, Eleanor Owen

NAMI Washington is saddened to hear of the passing of Eleanor Owen, 101, an influential founding member of NAMI whose journey as an advocate began when her son was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Her advocacy for her son grew into a loving, powerful movement of families. She established the Washington Advocates for the Mentally Ill (WAMI) in 1978 and was one of the founding members of NAMI the following year. Eleanor dedicated her long life to uplifting the voices of individuals and families affected by mental illness.

“Anyone who cares about mental illness, and the people it touches, owes this remarkable woman a tremendous debt of gratitude,” said NAMI CEO Daniel H. Gillison Jr. “NAMI is immensely thankful for her courage, her tireless dedication and her accomplishments, which will stand the test of time.”

She was steadfast in bringing attention to mental illness. Her diminutive stature could not contain the fierceness with which she tackled mental health advocacy, spearheading needed changes to legislation in Washington state and battling the stigma associated with mental illness.

“Small in stature, Eleanor was a towering figure and a force of nature. She was an inspiration for so many in our community and she will be greatly missed,” Gillison said.

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NAMI Washington is a vital resource for every NAMI affiliate and member in the state of Washington.

We advocate for access to services, treatment, support and research and we are steadfast in our commitment to raise awareness and build a community of hope for all of those affected by mental illness throughout the state of Washington.

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