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Upcoming Events

There are lots of NAMI and mental health related events going on in the state of Washington both in-person and online! Check out what we know of what's coming up below! 

FAST Skills Workshop Series

Nov 28, 2023
May 28, 2024

12:00 - 1:00PM


In Partnership with Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Partnership Access Line (PAL), Forefront Suicide Prevention is pleased to present a FAST Skills Workshop Series. The First Approach Skills Training (FAST) programs are designed to provide brief, evidence-based behavioral therapy for youth and families with common mental health concerns. These workshops, intended for parents/caregivers and/or school based mental health providers will give an overview of the FAST approach and accompanying resources.

These trainings are approved for 1 Clock Hour per session for Washington state educators. Sessions will be recorded and made available to all participants who pre-register, whether or not you are able to attend every session.



Scheduled Topics:

October 24 : Overview

November 28 : Challenging Behavior

December 19 : Anxiety

January 23 : Depression

February 27 : Trauma

March 26 : Sleep

April 23 : Tech

May 28: FAST-S



Jennifer Blossom, PhD is a Clinical Child Psychologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Maine. Dr. Blossom received her PhD in Clinical Child Psychology from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!). She completed her predoctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship training at the University of Washington/Seattle Children’s Hospital. As a member of the Clinical Faculty at UMaine, Dr. Blossom maintains an active program of research, mentors doctoral and undergraduate students, and teaches at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Dr. Blossom has clinical expertise in youth anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention and maintains an active clinical role through consultation and training of primary care-based clinicians and community providers. Dr. Blossom’s program of research employs an implementation science approach to improve community capacity to identify and intervene for youth with mental health problems. Specifically, Dr. Blossom’s research aims to enhance service delivery, efficiency, access, and engagement, for youth with anxiety, depression, or at risk for suicide, with the ultimate goal of realizing a public health impact.

China Bolden Jarvis, PhD is a Clinical Child Psychologist and Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Dr. Bolden Jarvis received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University and completed her predoctoral internship at the University of Washington School of Medicine/Seattle Children’s Hospital. As a postdoc and member of the FAST team, Dr. Bolden Jarvis focuses on research and development as well as training and consultation. Dr. Bolden Jarvis has clinical expertise in youth trauma, depression, and suicidality as well as in supporting youth and families through behavior management training. Dr. Bolden Jarvis is currently starting a program of research with an emphasis on understanding ways in which communities can be supported and bolstered to address mental health concerns from within the community. She also aims to understand the underlying mechanisms of youth suicide with a particular interest in understanding the ongoing significant increases in death by suicide for youth of color.


FAST Skills Workshop Series

NAMI Provider with NAMI Yakima

Feb 16, 2024
Feb 16, 2024


More than one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness and for many, healthcare interactions can be negative or even traumatic. NAMI Provider is our evidence-based, dedicated program to help change that.

This staff development program is for healthcare providers, administrative staff, operational staff and students working directly with people affected by mental illness. It’s an experience that equips participants with a deeper understanding of mental illness and the confidence to serve individuals and families in a collaborative manner.

How It’s Structured

Each of the NAMI Provider program’s three instructors live locally and have direct experience with mental illness. It’s led by an individual living well in recovery, a family member and a mental health professional with lived experience.

What You’ll Gain

Past participants have reported improved attitudes, beliefs and behavior in partnering with individuals and families experiencing mental illness, among other benefits:

  • An understanding of lived experience paired with an evidence-based curriculum
  • A deeper knowledge of the recovery and medical models for empathetic, compassionate care for people affected by mental illness
  • Deeper insights into individual and family perspectives

Click here to register:

NAMI Provider with NAMI Yakima

STRive (Steps To Recovery) class

Feb 20, 2024
Dec 24, 2024


NAMI Southwest Washington is holding a STRive class this year! More info on their site:


STRive stands for Steps to Recovery. It is a safe, supportive group providing mental wellness education and tools for a successful and sustained recovery from mental health conditions. STRive emphasizes recovery and personal responsibility as keys to a successful life, even when people experience mental health issues or crises. Strengthen your coping skills,  better recognize triggers, improve interpersonal skills, and learn to react in a healthy way to stress. Learn the building blocks to reaching and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Add skills to your mental wellness toolbox and learn from others in a safe environment.


The Steps to Recovery Course Syllabus

  • Lesson 1: Healthy Self Esteem
  • Lesson 2: Managing Impulsive Behavior
  • Lesson 3: Learning Effective Communication
  • Lesson 4: Social Support
  • Lesson 5: Managing Anger
  • Lesson 6: Managing Stress
  • Lesson 7: Creating and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
  • Lesson 8: Problem Solving
  • Lesson 9: Sleeping Well
  • Lesson 10: Developing Resilience
  • Lesson 11: Creating, Maintaining, and Ending Relationships
  • Lesson 12: Self-Empowerment
  • Lesson 13: Calming Anxiety
  • Lesson 14: Dealing with Depression
  • Lesson 15: Battling Addiction (Co-occurring Diagnosis)
  • Lesson 16: Taking Responsibility
  • Lesson 17: Breaking Bad Habits
  • Lesson 18: Overcoming Trauma
  • Lesson 19: Balance, Focus, and Living in the Moment
  • Lesson 20: Reaching Fulfilling Recovery
STRive (Steps To Recovery) class

AMPERE and the development of an ecological momentary assessment (EMA) suicide risk monitoring system.

Feb 27, 2024
Feb 27, 2024



Augmented Momentary Personal EcologicalRisk Evaluation (AMPERE) and the development of an ecological momentary assessment (EMA) suicide risk monitoring system.


We are inviting individuals with lived experience with suicide risk and also family members (of those who have experienced this or died by suicide) to participate in the development of systems for monitoring and supporting young people at risk. Perspectives of these individuals are critical to avoiding mistakes in the way the systems are developed, and families have a unique perspective on how primary care providers and their offices can and/or should work with them to help those with risk of suicide.


The AMPERE project is moving forward with development of an ecological momentary assessment (EMA) suicide risk monitoring system to support primary care suicide risk management. The first AMPERE co-design meeting is Tuesday, 2/27/24, 12:00pm.

Might you share the attached flyer and this information with those with lived experience of suicide risk who identify as women? Perhaps an individual(s) in the IOV cadre would have interest in joining our co-design group. The group will meet a few times a year for 2 years to develop our tool and then test it.


Here is the link to an interest form.

AMPERE and the development of an ecological momentary assessment (EMA) suicide risk monitoring system.

NAMI Homefront - Date TBA

Feb 29, 2024
Feb 29, 2024



Are you or someone you know struggling to care for a veteran? PTSD and other mental health conditions are complex and NAMI is here for you!


NAMI Homefront is a free, six-session class for families, caregivers and friends of Military Service Members and Veterans. The course helps participants understand the challenges Military Service Members/Veterans are experiencing related to trauma, combat stress, civilian life, PTSD and other mental health conditions. Topics covered include mental health, communication, handling crises, treatment and recovery.


NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs, is offering the NAMI Homefront Education Program free of charge to participants.


Click registration link below to find a class near you.

In partnership with the U.S. Department Of Veterans Affairs


The course is designed to increase understanding and advocacy skills while helping participants maintain their own well-being.

NAMI Homefront - Date TBA
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