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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Statement & Anti-Racist Declaration

At NAMI Washington, we believe in a workplace culture of belonging that represents and embraces equity, diversity and inclusion of our employees, volunteers, members, and communities regardless of race, behavioral health status, diagnosis, gender, color, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, language, age, sexual orientation, education, religion, disability, veteran status or economic status.
We commit to NAMI Washington Alliance being an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion learning community where EDI is integral to our mission and critical to the well-being of

our staff and the NAMI Washington Alliance.

● We commit to model, with accountability, equitable, diverse, and inclusive leadership at all levels in the organization and to bringing in leaders who are committed to

anti-racist principles and practice
● We commit to identify and examine our workspaces, workplace cultures, policies, programs, practices, and protocols for potential barriers to access and opportunities for

our staff, volunteers, and those we serve
● We commit to dismantle inequities in our policies, practices, procedures, and programs
● We commit to authentic engagement with historically marginalized groups to better understand how our systems and structures create the barriers we seek to eliminate
● We commit to recruitment, hiring, and advancement policies and procedures that bring

diverse candidates from all identities and communities, which remove

unconscious bias from the process
● We commit to creating service delivery spaces and workplace culture where every

individual feels seen, heard, and valued
● We commit to organizational delivery of culturally competent programing and

training upon hire and ongoing annual training
● We commit to challenge the systems that have historically promoted exclusion and

blocked access to everyone
● We commit to adhere to this declaration

approved 3/12/2022

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