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What is the NAMI Provider Program?


NAMI Provider Education is a five-session program for mental health professionals who work directly with individuals living with mental illness and their families. Available free of charge to participants. A series of short lectures, followed by time for elaboration of the teaching points in group discussion and group exercises. Presented by a trained team; a mental health professional who lives with a mental health condition or is a family member, a family member of an individual living with a mental health condition and an individual with a mental health condition who is now in recovery.

NAMI Provider Facilitator State Training Application

Training Date(s)
Application Deadline
Next Steps:
  1. Your local affiliate will reach out to interview you over the phone or on Zoom.

  2. You will complete a 6-8 hour online training by NAMI (national).

  3. You will then be interviewed by the trainer.

  4. If you are accepted for training, you will be sent a binder of training materials.

  5. On the day of, you will log into your Zoom training!

If the form disappears and says something went wrong, refresh your screen. However, your answers will not be saved, so write out written answers in a separate document in order to take your time and save your work! 


What will I learn from the training? 
  • Provider program goals are to introduce health care staff to the emotional stages people affected by mental illness experience on the way to recovery; to help staff gain a fresh understanding of and empathy for their clients’ lived experiences, especially during treatment and to promote collaboration between clients, families and providers to achieve the best level of recovery possible.

Criteria for taking the P2P Leader Training: 

Individuals wanting to be part of the Provider team for presentation must be NAMI members in good standings with current dues and a record in NAMI’s member management system.  Individuals on the team must be 18 years of age. Presenters must meet the criteria of being able to participate in two (2) presentation series.  Individuals on Provider presentation teams must meet one of the following three criteria. 

  • Adult in recovery with a mental illness, preferably who is also a NAMI Peer-to-Peer Mentor or an IOOV, EtS or presenter.

  • Family member or partner of a person with a mental illness, preferably who is also a NAMI Basics, NAMI Family-to-Family or NAMI Homefront teacher.

  • Mental health professional that also are either a family member or someone with a mental illness or lives with mental illness themselves.

Registration Information 
  • NAMI Washington will pay for meals, snacks, lodging and all training materials. Your NAMI affiliate is asked to cover your travel and other expenses that you may incur to attend this training. Lodging will be at a nearby hotel, and is double occupancy. If you require single occupancy, arrangements will need to be made prior to attendance by the attendee and there will be additional costs which will be the responsibility of the attendee. In order to reserve a space a $50 refundable registration deposit from your affiliate is required at the time of registration.

  • If you need to cancel after being accepted, notify the NAMI Washington staff, no later than a week before the training so we can fill your spot, or your affiliate will lose its $50 registration deposit. Cancelled spots are filled with applications from the waiting list for the class, not by sending another affiliate member.

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