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What is the Peer-to-Peer Program?


8-week course led by trained PEER leaders, people who have experienced mental illness in their own lives and believe that mental health recovery and resiliency are possible. This class focuses on offering information, encouragement, hope, and guidance to adults who live with a mental illness and want to experience quality of life as contributing members of their communities.

Peer to Peer Facilitator State Training Application

Training Date(s)
Application Deadline
Next Steps:
  1. Your local affiliate will reach out to interview you over the phone or on Zoom.

  2. You will complete a 6-8 hour online training by NAMI (national).

  3. You will then be interviewed by the trainer.

  4. If you are accepted for training, you will be sent a binder of training materials.

  5. On the day of, you will log into your Zoom training!

If the form disappears and says something went wrong, refresh your screen. However, your answers will not be saved, so write out written answers in a separate document in order to take your time and save your work! 


What will I learn from the training? 
  • Prospective facilitators must have a documented mental health diagnosis and be at least 18 years of age. They need to have reached a comfortable place in their own recovery, so they can sustain themselves during the emotional turbulence that can arise in Connection Support Groups.

Criteria for taking the P2P Leader Training: 
Leaders must be:
  • A PEER, a Person of Experience, Engaged in Recovery

  • A current member of a NAMI Affiliate

  • Willing to complete the online training no later than 2 weeks before the in-person training.

  • Willing to stay for the entire 2-day intensive training

  • Comfortable reading aloud to a group

  • Able to make a commitment to co-teach the 8-week Peer to Peer course at least twice in a 24-month period in cooperation with your local affiliate.

  • 18 years of age or older

Registration Information 
  • NAMI Washington will pay for meals, snacks, lodging and all training materials. Your NAMI affiliate is asked to cover your travel and other expenses that you may incur to attend this training. Lodging will be at a nearby hotel, and is double occupancy. If you require single occupancy, arrangements will need to be made prior to attendance by the attendee and there will be additional costs which will be the responsibility of the attendee. In order to reserve a space a $50 refundable registration deposit from your affiliate is required at the time of registration.

  • If you need to cancel after being accepted, notify the NAMI Washington staff, no later than a week before the training so we can fill your spot, or your affiliate will lose its $50 registration deposit. Cancelled spots are filled with applications from the waiting list for the class, not by sending another affiliate member.

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