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How Can NAMI’s Local Programs Help You?

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is a nationwide, non-profit organization that assists individuals and families touched by the challenges of mental illness. NAMI Washington has 19 independent NAMI Affiliates, so there is probably one near you. Each affiliate offers a mix of services at no cost to meet local needs.

NAMI Washington offers intensive training for Affiliate members to become the Teachers, Facilitators, Mentors, and Presenters of these NAMI Programs in their local communities. Go to our signature programs to find more information about these trainings.

Support Groups

Most NAMI Washington Affiliates hold weekly, peer-led recovery-support groups for individuals with mental health diagnoses. These groups are called NAMI Connection. Many of the local affiliates also offer NAMI Family Support Group for family members, caregivers, and friends supporting or caring for a loved one with mental illness. Support groups are not a replacement for counseling or therapy. They are groups of individuals who meet to share their challenges and benefit from each other’s lived experiences and support. All groups are confidential and group leaders are trained by NAMI to keep the discussions focused and emotionally safe.


Our online support group meetings are hosted on a Zoom platform and are HIPAA compliant.  Information given for registration for support groups is only seen by NAMI staff, no personal details or emails are used for solicitations.

Please use the links and pre-register for groups, space is limited in some groups so please find the group that meets your need, even if it is not your local affiliate. 

You must be 18+ years old to participate in all of our groups. Observers are not allowed in any NAMI Online Programs. All participants must meet the criteria of the Zoom Meeting they are attending.

Who can attend?


The Connection Recovery Support Group is suitable for any adult living with mental illness. The Family Support Group is suitable for any adult who has a loved one affected by mental illness. While we respect that many people may fall under both criteria, it is important that participants understand that NAMI Connection Support Group is for people living with mental illness seeking support for their own mental illness and not their family members. NAMI Family Support Group is for people seeking support and insight from others from the challenges and success of others who have loved ones living with mental illness.

Other Programs

Though not all of these programs are available at every NAMI Affiliate, our larger affiliates often have an even wider range of services such as youth groups, Club House programs, Crisis Intervention Training, Suicide Awareness and Groups, and lecture series. Contact your local NAMI Affiliate to find out what help is available near you.

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